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Lebanese Youth Journalist
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To my students

Dear Students,

apply the steps of thinking to create your blogs, then read well the instruction from the handout then read carefully the rubric .

DONT forget to send me the details of it and answer on those questions
good luck waiting for your reply

way to ensure you fully think through a project before you begin

Title: What you want to doWhat:
What is it?
What will the product be?
Why: Why do you want to do it?
What’s wrong with things the way they are today, and what will be better tomorrow?
How: How will you do it?
Who: Who is involved?
Who: will benefit from it?
When: When will you begin?
When: will you be done?
What: are the significant milestones along the way?
How Much: What resources do you need?
Then What?

the concepts of personalized news , the inorganic nature of the web

  1. Pick five news web sites. It's usually a good idea to pick a couple from your local media market and some from other areas of the world .

  2. Next, divide a sheet of paper into five sections.

  3. Then, have them each go the sites and write down your FIRST FIVE ACTIONS at each site.
    Be sure to note which stories you read first, what attracted your attention on the page and which links you clicked on.

This should be done independently so that it is clear how many different experiences in using news web sites exist. Allow about 5 minutes from each of the five web sites to be visited.

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Lebanese Youth Journalist